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Rare Beers and favorites brought back to Paris to enjoy with friends.

Rare Beers and favorites brought back to Paris to enjoy with friends.


I’m a beer geek. The photos on this page are a couple examples of me being, well, just that! However, I am not just a beer geek. While I do love brewing, reading and talking about beer (of course sharing it, tasting it and drinking it) first and foremost I love my wife, who has encouraged me ever step of the way in my “beer career” and without her none of this would have happened. I also love surfing, spending time with family and friends, and when the weather is nice, skateboarding through the streets of Paris. While this may come as a surprise, I also enjoy wine and champagne, but at this point in my life can’t  afford to really get into those libations…plus, I just love beer more than wine (despite living in France)! I’ve been interested in craft beer for about five years now, obsessed for four, and working in the beer industry for three. Moving to France was certainly never in my plans, especially in regards to working in the beer industry, but life is weird like that. My passion turned into an “official” career just less than a year ago when I finally received my French work visa to work with Simon Thillou at the world famous, La Cave a Bulles. I am excited to be an integral part of the craft beer revolution in France. Our community here is small, friendly, eclectic, and constantly growing. I’m giving Paris 5 years until it is considered a craft beer destination…in the meantime, please feel free to contact me and I would be thrilled to help you enjoy the beer in Paris as much as I do!

Me in the New York Times with Garrett Oliver.

Me in the New York Times with world renown brewmaster, Garrett Oliver.


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